Hostsoch Review 2017; Shall we prefer it?

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So today we are going to talk on really different topic. Have you ever thought of opening your own independent blog or website? Did you backed off due to its pricing or fear? To we at “Kaknut” are going to tell you about a hosting brand which is pocket friendly? But is it trustworthy? Let’s find that out.

So the hosting brand which we are going to review is named as Hostsoch. So this Indian hosting provider was founded in the year 2012 by Websoch IT Solutions to deliver cost effective hosting services to business of all sizes.

So they basically provide three types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting (Linux and Windows).
  • Specialized hosting (WordPress, Magento, E-commerce and Application).
  • Dedicated hosting (Linux and Windows).

While we are getting budget web hosting on our doorstep by an Indian brand, we are running behind big brand that provide cheap service at a premium price. We know many of our readers might not have heard about “Hostsoch”, so before reviewing we did a comprehensive research about their every feature, support, pricing plans, security and lot more.

Few months’ back we were not even aware about this brand, we thought cheap might not be good, but our research proved it a good bet.

Plans and Pricing: newbie bloggers would love it.

Most young bloggers are using BlogSpot or WordPress free hosting to blog. When I first told my parents that I want to blog, they were like why are you willing to waste money? You can’t even complete your assignments on time and you are saying you will run a site? The main reason is that they don’t have a large budget to buy a hosting plan. Luckily, Hostsoch comes to rescue by providing hosting at a ground breaking price (at least I believe it’s cheap).

Their shared hosting plans start from 99INR a month and goes up to 329INR a month. I would suggest bloggers to start their journey from a shared hosting as it suits your pocket.

Is anyone still feeling the price a bit high to afford? Chill, they are providing 25% discount too on all of their hosting plans. Why don’t you grab one? “Here’s a link

Hostsoch Uptime and Load Time

Hostsoch might not be the one who would say to provide 99.99% or 99.999% but yes they do guarantee to provide 99.9% uptime and I think this is a decent uptime provided by them with keeping their price in mind.  Though every hosting provider guarantees a particular uptime like 99.99% or 99.9% but according to our experience every hosting will remain close to it with an approx tolerance of about 0.01% to 0.09, but yes you can always use a CDN to maintain an uptime of 100%, you can even get a CDN for free nowadays. Wait aren’t we going off topic? So let’s continue with Hostsoch.

So regarding load time it is very much important and essential for every site owner to have a decent load time. Want to know why? The answer lays in SEO to be precise search engine optimization as Google ranks only those sites that have a decent load time. According to a survey, visitor will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. We did our own test on Hostsoch and found out that it had a great load time especially for Indian sites. Here’s an image below(Note: server performance could be improved by use of CDN or caching plugin).

Hostsoch Cpanel

Hostsoch provides it each and every user with a world class Cpanel, just the same you would find on Bluehost or Hostgator. Here’s a snap of their snap of their control panel.


Have a lack of technical knowledge? No problem folks, their support team are always there to help you. They have a 24*7 technical team ready. You can also use their chat and personally we never had to wait more than 30 seconds to get a reply from their agents.


Yes Hostsoch is a new emerging company and I think it is very much good for nonprofit bloggers or first time users. You can always give them a try and they are not even charging to high. Still thinking? I have a solution, got to their site Hostsoch and talk to their representative to clear all your doubts.

Remember I told you about free CDN? You can use Cloudflare CDN which they provide free of cost to everyone, isn’t it a nice catch? Don’t know what a CDN is or want me to review Cloudflare? Just comment below.

Here’s an affiliate link to Hostsoch. By clicking this link you will not have to pay anything extra but yes this will monetarily support us to write more.

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  1. I am also using hostsoch since a month time, it is really good so far for a simple blog with less traffic, their service is really awesome

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