Are you addicted to over-thinking?

Are you addicted to over-thinking? Now, you might read that question and say I ‘am not addicted to it, I just happen to over think sometimes. I can’t really control it. But what is addiction? An addiction is something that you no longer have control over, it has control over you. Do you want your mind to have control over you?! Probably not, because if you’re over thinking you’re probably not over thinking about the positives in life, you’re probably thinking about the negative things that could happen in the future, that leads to worry that leads to limiting belief and that leads to fear. That leads to you not creating the life that you want and holding yourself back. Negative thoughts, fears, worry, limiting beliefs all come from one thing and one think only “over-thinking” and it can be an addiction it can have control over you.

So from where exactly that comes from? It comes from thinking too much in the future. In other words you can say not being in the moment. So then you might be asking OK how I get control of my mind then. The way you get control of your mind is to bring it to the present moment, to stop thinking in the future. So how do you bring your mind into the present moment? You do whatever you’re doing and bring your conscious thought to it and notice as much about it as you possibly can. For instance if you happen to be washing your hands think about the feeling of the soap, think about the warmth of water, think about the smell of the soap. Don’t think about the future or anything else but washing your hands. If you are walking up the steps for instance you bring yourself to the present moment notice the way carpet feels on your feet, the way it might be warm or it might be cool inside of a house. You bring your mind to the present moment.

Ultimately what you are allowing yourself to enjoy and to notice the senses that are being used in the present moment and you are talking control of your mind and not letting it do whatever it wants to do. And here’s what you’ll notice, it’s essentially like living like a kid again. Why do kids have so fun? Because they’re so in the moment that nothing else bothers them. They have no fears; they have no limiting beliefs or judgments. They’re in the present moment and they are experiencing everything for their very first time. So what you’ll notice when you do this is that you’ll bring more joy out of yourself because you’re in the present moment enjoying little teeny tiny mundane things you normally don’t enjoy. But you’re bringing conscious thought to them and not allowing your mind to go all over the place, because over thinking is an addiction but it’s an addiction you can break.

Live the moment.

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