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Hey welcome everyone to our all new, “Offbeat” post. Hope many of you must have been waiting for it. So let’s not waste our time and began with our topic.

Bottom line is the fact that I realized that the even the group of people I hung around with you know I was easy for me to think that I was doing a lot because I was doing more to try to move myself forward than they were and I should be the weakest link in my chain that I have and that’ll make me be stronger or make me run faster I mean like an analogy I’ve always used. Alright if you run the hundred yard dash with people that can’t run as fast as you can, yes you’ll win. Now changing the scenario, if you run with people much faster than you, yes you will most probably come last every single time you compete with them. But every time you run, you time will get much better than your previous run. The reason is, they’re making you run much faster, they will be making you put more effort.

“My dreams don’t live down there”, that’s what my grandfather used to tell. When I looked down, i used to see my sweat drops down there cuddling with dust. But when I used to look up, I could see my dreams, I saw my opportunity. I decided never to give up. Why do I need to fear? I am suppose to be fearless as I don’t have anything to loose.

When I would go to school they would tell me I was too dumb to to be among them. I was a kid who could neither speak properly nor write. My dreams were bigger than my reality.

Remember all my folks, I am telling you are your king. Keep fighting, because you are not meant to bark like dog, you were born to roar like a tiger. Don’t stop fighting, you still got life to live because you are king. To be a true king you need to learn to fight for your purpose, you need to learn to struggle. You got to have a vision for what it is you really truly want to create. A vision is that make you excited when you work on it. It’s very important to have a compelling vision. It should have the power to pull you. The desire should be so strong that it would be hard to go to sleep and to make you wake up early to rock it and take it to next level.

Now what do you do during the hard times?

You must have faith, judge not according to appearances. Don’t judge your circumstances and the and the possibilities for your future based upon what you have now and because of what’s going on.

Remember this mantra, “No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I am going to make it”.

You got to have faith, you got tell you self you can win, you are the king. Your soul need to hear you roar. Just have patience and engage in consistent action.

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