Globehost Review 2017; know them.

globehost review 2017

Globehost, a not so well known name in field of web hosting, but I think I should introduce you to them as I think they provide some interesting service at good price. The thing which strike me is that their plans start from 20 INR (inclusive of all taxes, not like others who charge extra taxes). I think it’s pretty cheap to give it a try. I have some more interesting facts about them which I will share at the end of the review. So great up and lets start.

So first question, what services do they provide?

Let me answer.

  • Shared Hosting (starting from 20INR per month)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Virtual Servers aka VPS
  • Dedicated Hosting

Plans and Pricing: Sweet Spot

Like i earlier said their plans start from 20INR per month so i guess they are dirt cheap. I say it dirt cheap because I spend more than that on my daily transport. By providing hosting at this price, the brand is helping new ideas to grow.

So let’s be a bit technical. Their plans start from 20 INR monthly and goes up-to 50000 INR per month. I doesn’t matter whether you have a small site or big commercial site, every solution is ready. globehost pricing

One more thing folks, their renewal prices also remain the same, not like other brands who provide a big initial discount and then charges twice or thrice the amount.

Globehost Uptime

As we had our own website on their servers, so we did constant monitoring and test on their servers. The brand says it would provide an uptime of 99.9%. In our actual we got and average uptime in between 99.99% to 99.86%, so I think it is pretty awesome taking the price in consideration.

I have an advice or should I say re advice, do use CDN for you website, it would ensure your website is online even if your origin server is offline. You can even use free CDN service if you are in tight budget.

Globehost Load Time

Your website speed plays an important role in your SEO ranking. Beside making an optimized and fast website you also need to buy a reliable hosting to make sure your website provides its best.

Globehost speed test

We did a comprehensive test for you and here’s our report.

We again insist our users to use CDN to get better results all around the world.

Globehost C-panel

Globehost provides the same world class c-panel which other hosting brands like Bluehost provides. So fear not in this case.


I always noticed, small brands provide the best customer support. Globehost is no exception. You get an option of call support, e-mail support, chat support and ticket support. We never had to wait for more than 2mins to get our reply and they have a great technical team to handle your issues.Globehost support

MoneyBack Gurantee

Still afraid of buying? But why when you can ask for refund within 30days if you don’t like the service.

They provide 30 days money back guarantee. You will get the full amount refunded if you are not willing to continue their service further. But you have to keep this in mind, You will not get any refund for the domain which you have registered on globe host.

Interesting Facts

So the most awaited part, what were the special facts I was saying earlier. Just keep reading.

Google Certified Partner

Globehost is one of the Google certified partner for ad-words, so they can help you out with advertisements.partner

Certified Cloudflare Partner

Globehost is a certified Cloudflare(one of the biggest CDN providers) partner so you will get Cloudflare integration in your control panel.s

Excellent Service

Wait, I didn’t say this. Hostadvice said that, they are a platform where you can post your own hosting experience.


Hope you all liked my review. I’ll be providing and affiliate link below, i help us a a lot and motivates us to write more for you and when you click on it you don’t have to a pay an extra penny.

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