How to improve website load time

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So today we would talk about, how to increase page load time. But why do we need the page to load much quickly?

Let me answer this question.

  1. Google loves fast websites; this means if your website is fast then you will for sure get the advantage of ranking higher on Google search results.
  2. Fast websites reduce the bounce rate, but how? See, it’s a simple logic: suppose someone clicks on our website link on search result and your website takes lot of time to load then the user will go back, hence increasing your bounce rate.
  3. Slow website can annoy your regular visitors.

What makes website slow?

  1. Unused plugins and widgets:

Why to use useless plugins and widgets which are of no use. New bloggers tend to use plugins for every small thing. I would recommend to use codes instead of using plugins as every plugin consumes a bit of resource.

  1. Lots of Ads:

Ads might seem a way to earn a lot but it causes a huge drain of resources too. You will notice once you put ad codes on your site, the amount of requests increases.

  1. Images:

Yes, images slow down your website. You should need to know that you should optimize image before you upload it to your server.

  1. Poor Themes:

Bloggers tend to use high graphic intensive themes but there are also chances that the theme might be poorly coded and can increase load time.


How to find the culprit?

You can easily check what slows down your website’s load time. There are a number online tool out of which I would recommend Google Page Speed, Pingdom and Gmetrix to check your website’s data and to resolve errors.


How to improve your load time?

  1. Enable Gzip Compression:

Most servers nowadays support Gzip compression which you can use to reduce the size of your CSS, HTML and Javascript codes.

  1. Minify CSS, HTML and Javascript:

Use plugin or codes to minify you existing code, minify basically removes unnecessary spaces and areas from you code; hence reduces the size of code

  1. Reduce Redirects:

Each time your website redirects, the visitor needs to wait to see the destination webpage. There is a specific term for such redirects “Bad redirects”, try to remove them.

  1. Optimize Images:

 Make it a point to optimize images before you upload it to your website. Use online tools like Optimizilla or plugins like Eww Image Optimizer to optimize your images.

  1. Use a Content Distribution Network:

CDN also known as content distribution network greatly helps in improving your website load time by caching your images on worldwide CDN servers. You can also use free CDN like Cloudflare or Jetpack.

  1. Get a reliable host:

It’s not always your fault that your website loads slow. Your hosting provider might me the reason for your slow load time. We recommend Hostsoch, Globehost and Fastcomet as a reliable host.

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