How to overcome fear in 5 seconds?

So I just leaned this amazing way to trick your brain and overcome fear(top 5 haunted places in India) in just five seconds, and I had to share it with you guys. Now lot of you guys may not know but I’m a naturally shy person. Been that way ever since I was kid. I get anxiety. I’m nervous to go and introduce myself to people. Especially, you know, sometimes to talk to beautiful women. Yep I’m very shy. I was scared to raise my hand in class, basically just fearful of the things that I knew that I should do. Ever since childhood and it still affects me to this day. So I wish I would have learned this trick back then because I would have been more courageous, more confident, I would have done more things, tried more things, said more things that were on my heart. But here’s what you do, enough talking.

When you get that feeling that you want to do something. Like, talk to someone you’re interested in, raise your hand, ask a question or ask for raise. The longer you wait after you get that initial feeling the more likely it is that you won’t do that thing that you really want to do. Why? Because your mind starts to over think, make excuses after excuses like, what if I look stupid? What if I get rejected? But here’s the hack! Here’s the trick. Are you ready for it? It’s real quick, real easy, and it works. Once you know what you want to do. Count down from 5 and then go and do that thing that you want to do. Like a rocket ship countdown and then blast off. Sounds like the silliest thing ever, but it works! It works based on the science of Met cognition and study after study has shown its effectiveness. See, it quiets the negativity bias that we have in us. The “stinking thinking”, the “blah blah”, the worry. See worry is a misuse of the imagination, it does nothing but drain us of our will power. When you focus on the countdown, you interrupt the worry, the doubts and then you can go and do what it is you want to do.


See you’re just tricking your mind and this is such a great tool, to help you take control of your life and start living more authentically. Use this for things like waking up in the morning, eating healthier, going to the gym. Whatever positive change you want to make in your life. This will finally give the courage to you to become the truest version of yourself.

Just countdown and do it!

Now I didn’t invent this technique, it comes from amazing Mel Robbins book “The 5 Second Rule”.

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  1. Well, I’ve read numerous articles and blogs on fear and how you can overcome it but this is articles is quite different from the ones I’ve come through.Thank you Kaknut blog for sharing such a wonderful article.

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