Saw a Girl Smoking Today


“I saw a girl smoking today, such a bad thing bro.” said Rohan, the cool dude of our campus. I too said him that yes, it is bad.

 He continued, “What do girls like her think and smoke? Don’t they know it’s bad for their health?” I responded, “Yeah you are correct but why are you just focusing on girls, most of the smokers are guys like us”

Then a great conversation or should I say an eye-opening debate began.

Rohan: Yes, but cigarettes are not good for girls.

Me:  Wait Rohan, I read a post last week and it said that cigarettes are equally harmful to both boys and girls and I don’t think cigarettes attack by seeing your gender.

Rohan: You are not understanding me, girls don’t look good when they smoke.

Me: Do boys look good while smoking?

Rohan: No, but.

Me: Then what’s the issue? Girls shouldn’t smoke because it’s not good for health or because they are a girl and they don’t have right to smoke?

Rohan: Why are you scolding me man, cool down.

Me: Rohan it’s not about something between me and you it’s about people’s mindset. We have so much problem in our country, world is facing serious problems like poverty, wars, terrorism and what we are doing? We are making issues like this, just making issues like a girl smoking a very big thing. We try to convert these small issues into something like national issue.

Rohan, have you ever thought how much double standard people we have in our society? If a boy smokes, he is considered cool and if a girl does same thing then she is shameless. If a boy is a tramp (awara) then people say he will change after marriage and if a girl does the same then she is considered unsuitable for marriage.

Do you know who these guys are who pass such thinking?

They are those same guys who would go to malls and markets with their friends and stare hot girls, same as a hungry tiger looks at its prey. Is that good?

There’s a proverb, “mind your own business” it’s such a nice thought, why can’t we just mind our own work? Do the girls say that “look at me” when they do something considered unsocial by the society.

If someone does something wrong, tell them politely, try to make them understand with love. Girls and boys are the same, it’s the society who differentiates them.

Have believe in love, faith, unity and peace. Help someone, advise someone rather than criticizing. Try to contribute something to the society.

Yes, this blog might support females but in no case, it’s a feminist post, I just believe in equality to all. Stay calm and have an open mind and you feel that earth is a great place.

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