Top 5 Haunted Places in India

Top 5 Haunted Places in India: Hey guys welcome to another offbeat spooky blog by Kaknut. India is a country with a lot of undiscovered historical backgrounds as well as some spooky too. So where there is a huge history there must be some haunting and scary incidents too. So is in India, most people do not believe in ghost, demon, ghouls etc. but yes there are some traces hidden in the book of mystery. So let’s start with our blog about “Top 5 Haunted Places in India”.


Top 5 Haunted Places in India


  1. Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort is one of the most mysterious forts in Rajasthan which was built in 17th century by King Madho Singh 1 for his younger brother. This fort is considered among one of the most haunted places in India and we also have a couple of films made about this fort. It is said that this fort is cursed by a man who was a genius in black magic in those days, he fell in love with the princess but he could not achieve his goal so he cursed the fort. The souls of the princess and the soldiers are said to be roaming in the fort. Many researchers have reported paranormal activities in the fort and the archeological department has put a “Stay away” board to the area at the night. There are many haunted experiences narrated by the tourists.


  1. D’souza Chawl
Credit to Haunted India

This chawl is located in Mahim, Mumbai. It is said that the chawl is haunted by the spirit of a lady who died there of drowning. The chawl had a well and all the residents used to fill water from there but that well has no boundaries and security. Once a lady was filling water from the well and she fell down as there was no boundary so she was in the well. She struggled for some time as no one was able to save here she lost her life. Now many residents say that a lady in a white Saree is seen roaming in the chawl. Also some people say a security guard is seen near a tree in the chawl.


  1. The Shaniwar Wada
By Anurag sitar

This fort is situated in the heart of Pune city in Maharashtra. This fort is really huge and an eye catching by its appearance which is maintained by the archeological survey of India. This 18th century edifice was put together in the honor of Peshwa Bajirao Ballal Balaji Bhat for his great courage and triumphs towards the Maratha Empire. Build in 1730, on the banks of River Mutha, in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, this was the seat of Peshwas until 1818, when the latter lost its control to East India Company. The fort said to have the spirit of a 16 year old boy Narayanrao who was killed by his uncle and aunt. He was the fifth peshwa as his elder brothers had died very early. He was sleeping while some people of Gardi(a hunting tribe) who were told to kill him came in his room and attacked on him. These instructions were given by his uncle and aunt to kill him. That time he was rushing to his uncle’s room and asking help but no one helped him. Still today the spirit of that young boy roams in the fort and some people say that they can hear his last words till today. They can hear “Kaka mala vachva” which means uncle save me. On full moon day this fort is kept closed and no one is allowed to enter in.


  1. GP Block
Credit to Haunted India

GP block is in Uttar Pradesh Meerut. This is a compound with three buildings in it and also many trees and its branches this gives a real scary look to the place. No one lives at this place and no person dares to enter here at full moon night. It is said that there is spirit of four men who are seen drinking beer in the light of a single candle. Some people even say that a lady in a red Saree is spotted entering the bungalow. No one passes from this area as everyone are scared by the haunted stories of the place.


  1. Dumas Beach
Dumas Beach

This haunted yet beautiful beach is located in Surat. This beach is situated along the Arabian Sea. It has black sand and also some haunted spooky historical past. This place is said to be used as a Hindu burial ground in the past. It is said that many people have disappeared unknowingly from the beach. Also some people hear various sounds while walking along the beach. At the night time no one is allowed to enter the beach as paranormal activities are on a high tide at night. Many people say as you enter the beach one starts feeling the negative energy.

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