What If All Men Disappear?

What if there were no men?

What will happen to the planet without men?

Ever had these questions in mind?

There is no simple answer to this question, as such a situation is almost impossible to imagine. Today there are more than 7 billion people on Earth, of which women are slightly more than half. It is quite difficult to figure out what would happen if the stronger half of humanity suddenly vanish. But we will try. If all men had disappeared long before our present era, human civilization would probably never have emerged. Christ would not have been born, wars would not have started and ended. Alexander the great and Chengiz Khan would not have become legendary conquerors.

If we began our mental experiment from the 13th century, the world would never have read Voltaire’s thoughts, seen Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces and Albert Einstein would never have become a brilliant physicist. Perhaps there would have been no physics to speak of as such revolutionary figures such as Schrodinger, Tesla and Faiman would never have existed.

What if tomorrow there where some monstrous epidemic that would leave our planet without men, then what? As Dr. EN Malcolm said in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’- “Life will find a way.” It wouldn’t take much time. First the women on the Earth get down in the business to repopulate the planet. Luckily, multiple sample of male seeds are stored in the cryo chambers around the world and artificial insemination would began immediately everywhere. At the same time there would already be a number of already pregnant women’s spread across the planet. There would be new children and men would eventually return to their state once again, but there wouldn’t be so many. A serious difference in the ratio of sexes would soon become apparent. There would only be 1 boy for 2000 girls.

Theoretically pluripotent stems cell can become any cell human body with the help of true manipulation. Some sort of cloning might be possible, though these techniques have not yet been perfected. After 16 years in the worst case scenario male population will amount to 100 thousand individuals. In another 16 years, there would bee about a million men all around the world. Yes, this would not be nearly enough to generate a new generation of air traffic controllers, nuclear engineers and of course quantum physicist and the world would be an entire different place to live in. If this group can survive the first five generation then the planet would be safe.

But if no men is ever born again? The earth would change dramatically. Women would have to take up the roles of men. Some would have to become drivers, fire fighter, builder and miners too.

In one year, children will cease to be born, even girls. Women would have to come up with a way to continue producing feminine gender. It might effect to large scale cloning.

If these doesn’t work then, women the eternal beautiful half of human couples would be left to their own devices.

Hope no such circumstances ever come to our human race.

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