Youth the World Needs

So let’s start our topic with so called “USP” also known as Unique Selling Point Every country has its own USP, So what is the USP of USA? Off course freedom and liberty. What is the USP of India? Spirituality is the correct answer. Why are so many youngsters going to college and school? Because that’s the time to learn, that’s the formative time of life. When children and youth form good character, get good values, get a very strong spiritual foundation then the future of the country and world becomes very bright. But when you don’t have these values, culture, principles and ethics the youth is simply a burden to the world. We don’ want burden on earth, we don’t want liabilities living around. We want assets living around. We simply don’t want competitors, we want contributors who can contribute something and change the face of the world and society.

 This is the time to learn, inculcate, grasp therefore its said values are not taught, values are caught. We are here to learn, understand, to grasp knowledge, spirituality and leadership qualities. We need to train ourselves in field of proper moral, spiritual and ethical values and strengthen our foundation. We are the foundation of a better tomorrow.


A better tomorrow will not come by such blogs. A better tomorrow will not come by political upheavals. A better tomorrow will come by changed individuals and therefore I feel such a great need for us to come together and discuss these things in a way to better tomorrow.

We appeal the youth to be leader’s not just blind followers. Every individual needs to be a leader who would take the world along with them to a way to the path which will lead the world to enlightenment.

So we appeal to the youth to be the leaders who would lead the society to a path where no one is considered a looser, where everyone become a contributor to the society rather being competitors. 

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